Focus & Services

Dedicated to the ecosystem markets since 2005, the First Earth | 2030 team is guided by private markets, government policy, philanthropy, corporate ESG and impact investing to generate market-based returns. These return mechanisms include federal and state tax deductions/ credits, carbon finance, mitigation finance, grants and project completion investment contracts.

With an eye on financial, environmental and social outcomes, First Earth | 2030 has originated and transacted over $100,000,000 of market activity for our clients by analyzing opportunities with experienced guidance and skilled management. Our goal has been to deliver financial value on important properties while simultaneously conserving, enhancing and protecting the land’s significant ecosystems.

  • Land conservation & protection
  • Watershed restoration & stewardship
  • Forest restoration & protection
  • Healthy soils & carbon sequestration
  • Urban & rural green initiatives
  • Program consulting
  • Project design & implementation
  • Financial agent
  • Post construction monitoring & stewardship services
  • Eco sensitive land sales & investment